About The Three Days

The Three Days (The Paschal Triduum)

Celebrating the Cross and Resurrection

What are “The Three Days”?

  • The central celebration of the church year remembering Jesus’ death and resurrection.

When are “The Three Days”?

  • Thursday, Friday and Saturday before Easter Sunday.

What happens on “The Three Days”?

  • The three days represent a single worship service in three parts.
  • It takes us from the Last Supper through Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion, to the first celebration of the resurrection.
  • With the unique and vivid liturgies of each day, the community
    relives our “Passover” from death to life.

What are the three days called?

  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Holy Saturday

What does the phrase “Paschal Triduum” mean?

  • Triduum is the Latin for “three days”.
  • The word is pronounced Tri – doo – um (‘Tri’ is pronounced as in trip, and the accent falls on the first syllable).
  • Paschal means Passover and is, for Christians, a synonym for the days celebrating Jesus’ death and resurrection that happened at Passover.
  • (In most languages, the word used for Easter is the same as for Passover.)

What is “Holy Week”

  • Holy Week is a name for the week from Palm Sunday through Holy Saturday.