Annual “Pet Blessings” (from October)

Dear friends!

D5C_4440v1Thank you to all who attended our annual Blessing of the Animals Worship Service where we give “pet blessings” to all furry-friends in attendance.

Each year, on the first Sunday in October, we gather for a worship service on the lawn and those who wish bring a pet or picture of a pet (or a favorite stuffed animal!) for a blessing of happiness and good health in commemoration of St. Francis and his care for all creation.D5C_4392v1

This year, we had many new faces and welcomed S. M. Lieu, a photographer who works with the Los Altos Town Crier (did you see the pictures on the front cover of the October 4th edition?)  We appreciate the community support.  All pictures listed here are available to view at

We also express gratitude to Five Paw Dog Treats ( for the nutritious treats they have created.  We happily sent all of our four-legged guests home with a bag.  Let Five Paw know how much the treats were enjoyed!BoA - Pinecones

All guests were also sent home with pinecone bird feeders made by our staff members to remind us all that care needs to extend to our “flying friends” as well as those on the ground and in our homes.

The special collection this year was in support of The Marine Mammal Center ( in Sausalito, CA.  Their goal is to have “a healthy ocean for marine mammals and humans alike”, with a mission to “advance global ocean conservation through marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation, scientific research, and education.”

We invite you and all of your family to join us next year!

Los Altos Lutheran Church

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