Pastor Bonde


David K. Bonde is the pastor at Los Altos Lutheran. He joined our ministry during Holy Week of March 2002 and was formally installed on April 21st, 2002.

Pastor Bonde was raised in Palo Alto and attended Palo Alto High School. He graduated from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN, in 1974 and received his Master of Divinity degree from Luther Theological Seminary in 1978. Pastor Bonde is proficient in Koine (NT) Greek, familiar with Hebrew and Latin.

He served as assistant pastor at the First Lutheran Church, Grosse Point Woods, Michigan from 7/78 to 9/79. His next call was to St Mark’s Lutheran Church in Toledo, Ohio where he served as Assoc. Pastor from 10/79 to 12/82. He then accepted a call as Pastor at St. Olaf Lutheran Church in Detroit, MI from 1/83 to 6/90. Pastor Bonde’s last call prior to Los Altos Lutheran was to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Westland, Michigan. He was there for 11 years until March 2002.

Pastor Bonde has served on various Synod committees and task forces including the Professional Leadership Committee. He helped develop the Synod Parish Visitation Project and the Synod Intervention Project relating to substance abuse prevention.

In his Core Conviction statement, Pastor Bonde said “I worry about the depth of a church body that imagines you can describe what you believe about life, theology, and sense of call in a few lines.” His core convictions include the following:

  1. The church must say things that matter. We must be honest about life and be able to speak a word that has meaning to our suffering, grief, and struggle.
  2. The congregation is not called to be a religious club with a Chaplain, but the body of Christ in the world. We are called to be communities that seek to live the grace and love of God in our care for one another and the communities in which we live. The world has enough religious institutions, it needs witnesses to Christ Jesus.
  3. There are no second class members of the church: we are not called to privilege but to service.
  4. The pastor is one in the community of the congregation with his or her own unique gifts and his or her own special responsibilities. The ministry belongs to the community.
  5. We are called to hope and joy. We cannot take ourselves too seriously, and we must always remember that Jesus is risen and the enemy vanquished.

Pastor Bonde’s gifts are strongest in worship leadership, youth ministry, adult education, preaching and interpreting theology. He states “My talent seems to be the ability to make things make sense, to articulate the faith in a way that people can understand, and which allows them to hear it with new and deeper understanding.” In discussing evangelism and the need for church growth, Pastor Bonde states “the secret to congregational growth isn’t having the right program, it is having a message that is worth hearing, a message that makes a difference in our lives.”,