“Pet Blessings” – Blessing of the Animals (Oct. 1)

All pets and their families are invited to “Blessing of the Animals”, a commemorative worship service in honor of St. Francis.

animals 2

Outdoor Worship Service
10:00 AM

Bring a lawn chair, your pet, and join us
in this special opportunity for our “furry friends”
to receive a blessing of good health, happiness, and long life.

Each year, on the first Sunday of October, we honor St. Francis of Assisi and his care for all creation and the environment.  To remember the ministry he led, we bring our modern day animals (our pets) to worship for a special blessing of health and happiness.

For pets unable to attend you can bring a picture, or for our younger attendees, stuffed-animals are welcome too!

Special treats will be available to take home from Five Paw Bakery. (Thank you Five Paw!  http://www.fivepaw.com)

The Gentle Barn is the organization we will be supporting this year.  For more information about the important work they do, see excerpts from their website below or visit their website.  Envelopes to collect your gifts will be available in worship and through the church office.

The Gentle Barn’s Mission: Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

A Founder’s Message…


The Gentle Barn - Main Gate

We live in a concrete, violent, noisy, high tech, busy world. We have lost our connection to animals, to nature, and most of all, to ourselves. Animals are living lives of torment from beginning to end, their cries are unheard, their pain is unseen, and they are suffering. The rate of heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes has never been higher. The rain forests are being destroyed, we are in a global drought, we are polluting our air, and species go extinct every day. But by having reverence for all life and by reconnecting with Mother Earth we each can change all that. At The Gentle Barn we stand up for the innocent, and we help animals and children alike remember that they matter. We open people’s hearts to the connections with nature. We open people’s minds to what is happening around us. And we inspire people to be an integral part of the solution. Through the stories and interactions with our animals, we can raise future generations to have reverence for all life, protect our planet, live good healthy, happy lives, and we will all be closer to having peace on earth!

We can’t do this work without you and are grateful for your support. Enjoy the website and check back with us from time to time to see what’s new. The best way to help is by making a donation, sponsoring an animal or sponsoring a group of school kids, at-risk kids or special-needs kids to come to The Gentle Barn.

Thank you so much for your support!
With gratitude,

Ellie & Jay

Contact the church office with questions:
(650) 948-3012 / office@losaltoslutheran.org