Easter – A Season of Joy

Easter Sunday 2018 – April 1

 9:00 AM – Join us for an Easter breakfast
10:00 AM – Festival Worship Service
Children’s Easter Egg hunt following worship

Living from Easter

A reflection from Pastor Bonde

One Easter morning in Michigan, a cute little girl came into the church excited by Easter morning and the new outfit she had on.  “See my pretty new dress?” she said.  “Yes, it’s very pretty,” I answered.  “See my pretty new shoes?” “Ooh, their very pretty.”  Her mother was beaming at her daughter’s delight and general cuteness. “See my pretty new socks?” she said, pointing to her socks.  “Oh, those are very pretty,” I answered.  Thoroughly carried away with joy she then lifted up her dress and asked, “See my pretty new panties?”  Mom was mortified, but it was delightful.  (I was the father of girls).

Thoroughly carried away with joy.  Excited that all things are made new.  We are an Easter people.  We know Good Friday; we know life’s sorrows.  But the grave is empty.  Death could not hold Jesus.  Though he was condemned and rejected by the Jerusalem elite, God has vindicated all that Jesus said and did.  God reigns.  The world belongs to the kingdom of God not to the kingdoms of men.  The world is being reborn and all creation sings the praise of God.

We are children of the resurrection, and the Easter season vibrates with that joy.