The Spirituality of Lent

The Goals of Lent

  • A deeper walk of faith – Spiritual Renewal: Early in the history of the church, Lent was a time for those who had committed some grave public sin to go through a process of penance and reconciliation.  This penitential character of Lent became a time for all people to participate in the Christians disciplines that strengthen and renew faith and life.
  • A greater understanding of Christ Catechesis: In the early church Lent was a time when candidates were prepared for Baptism at Easter.  So Lent was a time of catechesis – the Greek word for teaching.
  • A deeper generosity to those in need Care of the poor: Lent has been associated with fasting and the care of the poor.  In Europe it came in the spring when food stocks dwindled.  Sharing follows the instructions of Jesus.

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