Work We Support

LALC supports US congregation partners and international mission churches.

  • Pueblo de Dios
    Pueblo de Dios is our mission church in San Jose.
    To learn more about this growing church, visit the  Pueblo de Dios web site.
  • Lutheran Church of Rwanda
    We provide direct funding support for the Lutheran Church of Rwanda through the ELCA Global Mission program.
    To learn more about the Rwanda church, please visit the Rwanda Mission web web site.
  • Lutheran Mideast Development
    The Lutheran Mideast Development began as the Lutheran Orient Mission Society in 1910. The declared purpose of the Society was to attend to the spiritual and physical needs of the Kurdish people. So it continues today. We provide direct financial support to this mission.
    To learn more about Mideast Development, please visit the Kurdish Mission web web site.
  • Mount Cross Lutheran Outdoor Ministries
    Located in the Santa Cruz mountains at Felton, Mount Cross provides outdoor camp and retreat programs and facilities. We provide direct funding support for the Mount Cross Outdoor Ministries.
    To learn more about Mount Cross, please visit the Mount Cross Lutheran Outdoor Ministries web site..