We have Sunday School classes for Kindergarten and elementary aged youth. Our Pre-K children attend the nursery.  Classes are based on the Witness Series Sunday School lesson plan from Augsburg Press. The Witness Series encourages kids to “Learn from the Bible to Live the Good News!” Sunday School is in the Fireside Room every Sunday during the Worship Service (after Children’s Sermon and back in time for Communion).

In the rhythm of the church year, there are two high points: the celebration of Christmas and the celebration of Easter. Each of these has a season – 12 days of Christmas and 50 days of Easter – and each of these has a season that prepares or the festival, and a season that lingers in its shadow.

Since the season of Christmas ends with the Feast of the Epiphany (the star and the magi), the season after Christmas is called the Sundays after the Epiphany. In some ways we are back to ordinary Sundays, but the song of the angels continues to echo through this season, as does the theme of light or revelation. Jesus has been revealed to the world. The star shone for all to see. Now we read the stories of the beginning of Jesus’ ministry – his baptism, the calling of his first followers, his first healings and teaching. Now we begin to see what it means to say that the child of Bethlehem is our hope.