Epiphany – A Season of Light

The Sundays after Epiphany

In 2018, January 14 – February 11

Sunday Worship, 10:00 am

(Our Sunday School is a lesson time for children during the service from September through May. They participate in the opening of the service and a children’s message, go out for Sunday School during the readings and sermon, and return to join the community for Holy Communion.)

“Daily Bread”

A reflection from Pastor Bonde

Christmas lingers through these Sundays.

The holidays are over. The new year has begun. We are all back to school and work and daily life. Christmas trees have long since been thrown to the curb. The stores are selling Valentine’s Day candy. For the world around us, Christmas has no lasting significance than on the bottom line.

But in the church the song of the angels lingers in the “Gloria” sung as the Hymn of Praise. The radiant light of the epiphany still shines. Christ Jesus is revealed to us and to the world as he summons disciples and begins his public ministry: preaching, teaching and healing.

These are not the “big” stories of Christmas or Easter. These are the stories of the daily work of God: being taught by Jesus what it means to live as sons and daughters of God; experiencing his healing hand; hearing his word of grace. This is our daily bread.

We call it “ordinary time” but it is far from ordinary. For the light of Christ shines in the world, and the world cannot put it out.